The adventurous, free spirited bohemian welcomes you into their creative space.

A home characterized by unconventional interior, influenced by their artistic and creative interests. The modern bohemian is influenced by a décor, that is characterized by many personal details. In this home, the brighter surroundings adds a lightness to a space filled with the many plants and displayed items.

The space is equally contemporary and eclectic and offers great inspiration for your next project.

Add personality to your office space

The desk is the heart of the room. The many creative processes is started right here, among the many personal items displayed in the shelving unit.

Here, there is both room for plants, flowers and the essential desk organizers needed to declutter the space.

The many different natural elements creates a more calm environment, where the personal interest within the arts shines through.

Create a beautiful contrast with our silver pipes

In contrast to the rest of the interior, our silver tubes appear very clean in the expression. The bright pine shelves provide space for the objects to show the personality of the owner of the room. Both wood and iron pipes contribute to a light look in the room so that it does not appear cluttered or too full.

Customize your Walk-In

Add plants and flowers for a more personalized decor. It adds life to the other items in the solution. Choose a succulent or cactus for easier maintenance. They also help to create a better indoor climate in the home.

The Botanist

Welcome inside at the botanist! Here you will find a true plant lover who possesses very special abilities to make plants and greens grow.

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Example title

Are you the biggest sneakerhead, who’s completely familiar with the many coming releases? Or are you soon running out of space for the many stilettos in your wardrobe?

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The Chef

They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home. We believe it’s true no matter if it's a large or a small kitchen. Designing your kitchen is much more than just choosing appliances and cabinets.

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The Banker

Welcome inside the banker’s spacious wardrobe where everything has its place! Wardrobes are essential to any bedroom’s storage and here, a custom design offers a wide selection of shelves, accessory storage, racks, and more.

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