Are you the biggest sneakerhead, who’scompletely familiar with the many coming releases? Or are you soon running outof space for the many stilettos in your wardrobe? No matter which of the types you can relate to, you are invited inside at TheShoe Collector. Here, the many shoes are displayed and adds personality to thewardrobe with the open solution.
Here you will find inspiration for how youcan display and store your shoes in a beautiful and practical way that blendsin with the rest of the interior and style in the home.

What would you use the many shelves for?

The perfect Walk-in for shoe lovers

This extensive wardrobe is based on our Walk-In collection, and is customized to fit the wishes and measurements, that the owner have. The open solution shows the many shoes and the owner's great passion: Shoes - in all its guises. There is room for the flat, the tall, the practical and the party.

The wardrobe provides both an overview and appears exclusive in the mix of silver iron pipes and wooden shelves.

The light, natural elements match the more raw iron pipes perfectly, and the pink wall creates a nice contrast to the light expression of the solution.

Customize your wardrobe the way you want

In many homes, the wardrobe is made a higher priority, and many choose to get a tailor-made solution that suits the size of the room and therefore manages to utilize all the square meters of the room. The many shelves in this solution not only contribute as a beautiful, aesthetic solution, but provide many possibilities to store the many shoes.

The owner has a very clear overview of the shoes and instead of hiding them away, they are allowed to be shown.

Personalize your Walk-in with our accessories

The combination of wood and iron pipes adds the raw, Scandinavian style that currently characterizes many homes. Both shelves and hangers provide several opportunities to get the most out of your wardrobe. Add hangers that fit the room and wardrobe solution. Here, the owner has chosen to use our RackBuddy hangers, which are available in several beautiful colours.

The Bohemian

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