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The Walk-In with cabinet

(1 hang+ 1 cabinet / 2 hang / 4 shelves)

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This solution offers a bit of everything. A perfect walk-in solution that is as functional as it is decorative, with plenty of space to hang your clothes and show off your favourites - either on the four shelves or in the iron cabinet. The metal shelves come in the same expanded metal as the cabinet, which gives a nice cohesion to the design.

The iron cabinet is a new way to add storage to RackBuddy's open wardrobe systems and meets a demand and growing need for additional storage that can also showcase wardrobe favourites - whether it's shoes, bags or clothes folded together, the solution gives you more options with extra storage space.

The industrial cabinets feature a simple design with references to raw industry and architecture.
Since expanded metal is made in one piece, it has a nice, whole look, which is why it's often a favorite when it comes to aesthetics as well as functionality. Expanded metal is not only manufactured with applications in architecture, decoration and design in mind, but is also widely used in industry for screening, filtration and as a non-slip surface on stairs and walkways, for example, and is therefore very popular in construction.

We choose to use materials intended for building and technical industries to ensure a durable product created from hard-wearing materials. The raw iron pays homage to classic Scandinavian design and fits in with Nordic interior design. The solution appears with a simple and minimalist look, yet looks modern and relevant with the industrial touch.

This solution is easy to combine with other solutions from The Walk-In Collection, for example if you need more shelf or hanging space.
If you would like help tailoring your dream solution, our expert customer service team can help you here.

Choose between dark or silver pipes for the rack.

Please note that the 40cm cabinet has one compartment, the 70cm cabinet has two compartments and the 110cm cabinet has three compartments. The cabinets shown in the product pictures are 70cm wide. As a reference for the other sizes, you can see our free standing 40cm cabinet and our free standing 110cm cabinet...


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