Hangin' with Lukas Hradecky

Hangin’ with Lukas Hradecky

The biggest inspiration for us has always been you, our customers. We really enjoy seeing how you use your RackBuddies. A good dialogue between us and you is a core value of our business.

One thing that has really been interesting for us, is to see and get to know all kinds of people who use our products at home. We have customers from all age groups and professions that all have different stories to tell. Everybody is using their RackBuddies in a different way.

We therefore decided to introduce some of our customer’s stories to you and create a series of short movies that give you an insight on different interesting personalities that use our products in their daily lives.

So let us introduce Lukas Hradecky.

Lukas Hradecky - goalkeeper from Bayer Leverkusen

Chances are, that you have heard about the Finish goalkeeper before. He has been playing for Danish clubs Esbjerg and Brøndby, before moving to Bundesliga and winning the German cup with Eintracht Frankfurt. Since last summer, he has been playing for Bayer Leverkusen.

As a professional football player, Lukas had to move a lot and has had plenty of different homes over the years. This makes it even more important for him to create a place where he can relax and regain his energy. He believes that when you set yourself goals, feel good and are having fun, the success comes with it. “I have the ultimate desire, I’ve had it always, and I like to have fun. And the fun belongs together with success in my head. If you enjoy what you’re doing, then you want to get better at it and this kind of way has always helped me to have the chance to be at this top level.”

Lukas Hradecky training at BayArena in Leverkusen

Everybody who is aware of our history knows, that both of our founders were born and raised in Esbjerg, which is also the reason why our warehouse and production facilities are located in the city on Denmark’s west coast. You might also know, that both Lasse and Martin have a strong connection to football, as they have both been playing at a professional level when they were younger. Lukas and Lasse were playing in the same team back in Lukas’ Esbjerg days and therefore, a RackBuddy for Lukas’ doorway was a natural choice.

“Since I moved here to Düsseldorf I had to furnish a new apartment. And then actually my old friend hooked me up and told me about RackBuddy and I went through some stuff. And they recommended me to get a rack for the doorway which I am very fond of. It’s amazing and yeah I am happy to have something Scandinavian and unique in my apartment.”

Custommade clothes racks for the doorway - RackBuddy x Lukas Hradecky

Custom-made RackBuddy for Lukas Hradecky - clothes rack with shelves

clothes rack with shoe shelf - custommade RackBuddy

The custom-made RackBuddy helps Lukas to keep his doorway organized. There is plenty of space for his jackets, as well as some shelves for storing shoes, scarves and hats.

Organization takes a big role in Lukas’ life in general: “Part of my job in the goal is to be organized. I have to organize my defence and I like that things are under control.”

Lukas Hradecky and his custommade RackBuddy clothes rack

Get to know Lukas and see some impressions of a day in his life in the video above.