Father's Day gift ideas

Special gifts for Father's Day 

On June 5th we celebrate Father's Day. Are you still looking for the perfect gift? We have collected some ideas for you that will hopefully give you some inspiration! 


More space for his shirts and ties 

A wardrobe with a lot of space is not only the dream of every woman, your fathers are going to love a tidier home as well. So why not choose a new clothes rack as a Father's Day gift? Our Online Shop offers a variety of different designs which will help your dad to find the right shirt and tie in the morning. 

Kleiderständer aus Wasserrohren von RackBuddy

Clothes rack: RackBuddy Bob Steele

Shelf: RackBuddy John

Kravatten-Halter von RackBuddy

Clothes rail: RackBuddy Jolene


A new look for his garage

For many, the garage is the place where not only the car finds its place, but also tons of other things that are not supposed to be in the house. This often makes it look a little bit untidy - but it doesn't have to be like that! A set of new shelves and maybe even some hooks to hang up bike and co. can create a create a tidier atmosphere in an instant. Could that be your father's day gift for this year?

Regale im industriellen Design von RackBuddy

Shelves: RackBuddy John 

Clothes rack: RackBuddy Bonnie

Photocredit: @fotostream


His own DIY mini bar

Who doesn't dream of having their own little bar at home? No matter if you are alone or with friends, it is always nice to enjoy a self-mixed drink. However, there is often no suitable space for all the bottles and they get hidden away in a cupboard or disappear in the basement. The problem's solution is a self-designed piece of furniture. Next to our standard product line, we also offer the possibility to our customers to create their own designs which we will then produce in our classic style with water pipes. You just need to have an idea and we help you to make it happen. The only limit is your imagination! You can read more about our DIY option here

Barwagen aus Wasserrohren

Photo from Pinterest

Weinregal aus Wasserrohren

Photo from Pinterest 

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