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The danish blogger Frederikke from fredesblog.dk just moved to a new apartment in Copenhagen in April. As many people before her, she has underestimated, how time and energy consuming a moving into a new place can be. That is why she can be happy now, that at least her clothes and bags found their final spot.

In order for everything to fit in her bedroom, Frede chose a RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot in a length of 180cm. This stable clothes rack is substituting a big closet that would take too much space, and makes it easy to keep an overview of things. 

If you move into a new apartment, often there are a lot of parts of the interior missing and you don't really know from the start how to best use the space. A RackBuddy is therefore a very practical solution, as you can modify each of our models even you have used them in a certain way. Additionally, we offer you the possibility to build a clothes rack directly after your own design and special measurements. If you feel like it, you can therefore design your very own piece of furniture! 

Read Frederikke's blogpost about RackBuddy here

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot - perfect clothes rack for students

Stable clothes rack made out of water pipes by RackBuddy

Clothes rack made out of black iron - RackBuddy

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot


It would make us very happy, if you showed us how you decorated you RackBuddy! That is why we started a little challenge - if you are lucky, you can win your money back! Read more about the #MyRackBuddy campaign here