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RackBuddy John pine shelf

with silver supports

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RackBuddy John wooden shelves with silver supports

With RackBuddy John, you get a shelf that is industrial, but at the same time Nordic in its expression. John is not only serving practical purposes, but has a very distinguished look as well: choose between light pine, dark pine or untreated oak wood in combination with the galvanized iron supports. RackBuddy John is very easily integrated in your interior, which makes it easy for you to store and display your things in a cool and decorative way.

Choose the John shelf in the light version to get a Nordic look blending into the Scandinavian interior style. Or choose a darker version for a rustic New York style, giving your home a cool edgy character.

The shelves with the lengths between 40 and 120cm are delivered with two iron pipe supports, and the 130-200cm are delivered with three.

Thickness of shelf: 18 mm

Depth of shelf: 30cm

Delivery time approximately 5-9 business days.

Universal screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to your rack



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