RackBuddy Frame Collection

RackBuddy Jackson

Black clothes rack with industrial, square bottom

SKU: RB-08-0044-05

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The RackBuddy Jackson rack is where function meets minimalism and offers a stylish solution for most of the spaces in your home. It can either be a stand-out piece of design or complement a home with a simplistic expression. with its elegance and minimalism, the perfect solution for the modern decorated home. It can either stand out in a Scandinavian styled space or complement a more eclectic home.

With the black coating, the rack appears exclusive, yet modern, which characterizes the Frame collection. With its clean lines, the rack is thought of as a blank canvas or frame, ready to be influenced by the owner’s personal style. Perfectly fitted for the modern lifestyle.

The design is where craft meets art, with all racks named after some of the world’s most beloved and famous artists. Made from welded iron, the racks can sport a lot of clothes or outerwear.

With this new addition to the Frame collection, we offer a more light rack, inspired by the Danish design principles, where function meets design.

RackBuddy Jackson comes with brass screws, but you can buy other colored screws for the rack.

Height: 160cm | Width: 115cm | Depth: 40cm