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Rackbuddy Little John pine shelf

with silver supports

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Rackbuddy Little John pine shelf with silver supports

Just like its "big brother", RackBuddy John, RackBuddy Little John is a simple wooden shelf in an industrial style. The only difference is the depth of the shelf, which is at 15cm for Little John. The shelf is made from either light pine, dark pine or untreated oak wood and has rustic shelf supports in silver made from water pipes. 

RackBuddy Little John can be used in the living room as a shelf for e.g. vases or pictures, as well as in the hallway for storing your keys or in the kitchen for cups and glasses. You could also use the shelf in your bedroom as a practical nightstand and place your alarm clock and your book on it. 

The shelves with the lengths between 40 and 120cm are delivered with two iron pipe supports, and the 130-200cm are delivered with three.

Thickness of shelf: 18 mm

Depth of shelf: 15cm

Delivery time approximately 5-9 business days.

Universal screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to your rack



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