The Walk-In with dressers

(1 rail + 1 dresser / 1 rail + 1 dresser)
Wood typeLight pine
Pipe colorDark

In the field above, you have to define a size in centimeters.

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SKU: RB-16-0012-01
Width €1,043
50x50cm Variant combination available
50x80cm Variant combination available
80x80cm Variant combination available
Wood type €1,043
Light pine Variant combination available
Dark pine Variant combination available
Classic oak Variant combination available
Smoked oak Variant combination available
Pipe color €1,043
Dark Variant combination available
Silver Variant combination available


To the ones with many shirts, dresses and other items, that needs a little hanging space – this one is for you! A perfect walk-in solution that is just as functional as it is elegant, with much space to hang your clothes and still space to store the items, that are not up for display.

The wooden dresser comes with 2 soft-close drawers, that makes the furniture perfect for storage. Choose between pine and oak veneer - each in two treatments.
Adding the warm, wooden dressers to the industrial pipes is a way to re-think the original RackBuddy open wardrobe systems, making it easier than ever to organize and de-clutter your closet with the hidden storage.
The mix of materials celebrates the simplicity in Scandinavian design, adding the warm wooden elements to the raw pipes. The solution looks minimalistic, yet modern with the combination of materials.
This solution is easy to combine with other solutions from The Walk-In Collection, if more shelf space is needed for you to create a personalized walk-in closet.

Choose between dark or silver pipes for the rack.
The dresser is available in smoked oak, oiled oak, light pine and dark pine.

The elements in wood are FSC certified, which gives you as a consumer an assurance, that the wood comes from forests where no more wood is taken than the forests can reproduce and the people who work in the forest are trained, receive proper safety equipment and pay. In addition, the certification provides the assurance that animal and plant life will be protected.

Universal screws and plugs are included and come in the color complimenting your rack

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Height rack: 200cm
Width: see text below**
Total depth of rack inkl. dresser: 50cm
Measurements dresser: height 40cm/ depth 40cm/ width see text below***
Shelf: depth 30cm/ width see text below**
**Width: The width is dependent on which variant you choose. Please be aware that the measurements you choose mark the length of the element in that row, not the external measurements. To calculate the total width you will therefore have to add them together and add approximately 15cm.
E.g. if you choose 50cm/ 50cm, your rack will be approximately 115cm in width.
As an example you can find a sketch with the measurements.

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