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RackBuddy Ringo

Clothes rack with wheels

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RackBuddy Ringo is named after the western gangster "Johnny Ringo", who was a notorious member of "The Clayton Clan" - raw, stylish and classic, just like the RackBuddy Ringo free-standing clothes rack.

Ringo is a clothes rack with wheels in a simple and classic design that connects industrial style with the practical storage of clothing.

Ringo is a piece of furniture that works perfectly for the daily routine in the store, the showroom or private residence. The wheels make the clothes rack incredibly practical and mobile, so you can easily display or transport clothes around in an efficient way. A clothes rack should not be hidden, but rather included with the rest of the furniture.

The Ringo clothes rack is very well suited for clothing stores and businesses for moving clothes from A to B. Given that the rack has wheels, it is a must-have at fashion shows. It's extremely mobile and easy to disassemble and put away. The raw design also makes it an ideal part of the store’s décor.

The wheels fit perfectly with the rest of the design and are equipped with a braking function that can be pressed down, locking the wheels in place. When the clothes rack is placed at the desired location, press the button down and the clothes rack will stay in place.


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